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Protect Your Identity

Identity fraud is on the increase. But the risk of falling victim is all-too-often exaggerated. We do provide a free identity theft restoration service as part of our Credit Report subscription, but chances are, you won't need it. If you are unlucky enough to fall victim, we will help you to sort things out and to reduce the stress of it all.

One of the benefits of a Credit Report subscription is that you can spot any new accounts being opened in your name. This is often the first indication that identity fraud has been committed against you.

On your Credit Report we show you how far away you are from identity fraud hotspots – places where identity fraud is now happening or has been attempted in the past.

Criminals often target people in the same area, even in the same street, so if you know of a nearby attempt, you'll be better placed to put up your guard and to take appropriate actions.

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