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Annual Banking and Credit Card Surveys

If you are looking to compare customer service levels offered by banks and credit card providers, you have found the right place.

Our annual surveys have been helping consumers make a more informed choice since 2005.

The 2016 survey places First Direct as the top rated bank for the ninth year in succession – a massive achievement. Nationwide takes second place, once again.

American Express is the best rated credit card provider, followed by Barclaycard.

The above table is ranked by consumers rating the service levels from their credit card provider as either 'excellent' (green) or 'very good' (yellow). Brown is 'average', dark brown is 'not as good as it should be' and red is 'poor'.

If you are getting less than stellar service from your bank or credit card provider, click here to see the full results of our 2016 survey.

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